Anita's Face Painting

Face Painting: the art of changing someone's face or body by applying paint in a design. To change one's attitude by changing one's appearance. To Change the World One Face at a Time

     Hello and thank you for visiting Anita's Face Painting site. My fascination with art started when I was a teenager. My love for drawing soon had a outlet in face painting at my church's annual community event.To sit for hours painting faces is a delight for me. I love to transform people into beautiful butterflies, ferocious tigers and whimsical fairies.

     Face Painting is not just a hobby for me. It's a lifestyle that makes me smile and causes me to giggle with delight. My goal is to transform the world not only with painted faces but with smiles.

  So, let me take you on a journey where the people get transformed into superheros, princesses, dragons and more. Where  children giggle, friends laugh and adults remember their youth.

Enjoy the Site!